Maple Grove students enjoy fine dining experience

Maple Grove third graders recognized for following expectations

Class enjoys special meal with honored guests

Dressed for the occasion, students in teacher Kaylee Milosevich’s class settled in for some fine dining at school on Dec. 9.

A special multi-course meal prepared by Sodexo, Battle Ground Public Schools’ nutrition services provider, was a reward for students following expectations in the lunchroom over the past month. The class banded together, helping one another stay focused on the prize and accrue the most points.

Prior to their fine dining experience, they got a course in manners from Director of Nutrition Services James Capen. The course included proper napkin placement, posture, table etiquette, conversation skills and how to decline foods politely.

The class broke bread with honored guests including Battle Ground Public Schools Board Directors Rob Henrikson and Mary Snitily, Superintendent Denny Waters, Maple Grove Primary Principal Andrea Sperry, Assistant Principal Jessica Drake and district administrators.

For some of the students, the fine dining event was an opportunity to practice their manners. For others, it was a time to connect with friends and guests. Everyone enjoyed trying new foods, proving that there’s always an appetite for fun learning experiences.

Thank you to Sodexo and the district’s nutrition services folks for providing this opportunity each year! And great job, Ms. Milosevich’s class!

Maple Grove students enjoy fine dining experience with Superintendent Denny Waters and more honored guests
Maple Grove students enjoy fine dining experience


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